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  • Paul Atkins Plastering
    06/04/2021 - Paul Atkins Plastering 0 Comments
    Plastering 101: All About Plaster Types and Finishes

    An innovative mixture of cement, gypsum, sand, and water, plaster is used for various applications. It comes as no surprise why we see plaster everywhere in the UK. But what makes plaster such a popular construction material?

    We’re all familiar with it being a widely used construction material, but did you know there are different types of plaster and plaster finishes? Whether you are renovating your house or building your dream home, you should know the various types of plaster and plaster finishes and also how to go about the procedure of plastering surfaces.

    We’ll cover all there is to know about plaster in this post. Continue reading.

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  • Paul Atkins Plastering
    21/12/2020 - Paul Atkins Plastering 0 Comments
    What Does Each of Our Services Mean?

    Over time, you might have heard tradespeople talk about plastering, skimming, and coving all at once and never realised that there’s a difference in what each discipline covers. As experts in all elements of plastering and more, we thought it’d be best to ensure that our customers were as informed as possible.

    In this blog, we’ll talk you through what each service covers, where it’s used, and how it can benefit your property!

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