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Plastering is a crucial part of the construction and renovation process, and it is required in various areas of a building to provide a smooth and finished surface. Some of the most common places where plastering is needed include:

  1. Interior Walls: Plaster is commonly applied to interior walls to create a smooth and even surface for painting or wallpapering. It also helps to conceal imperfections and provides insulation.

  2. Ceilings: Plaster is often used to finish ceilings, providing a clean and polished appearance. It can help cover up structural elements, wiring, and plumbing.

  3. Exterior Walls: Exterior walls may require plastering to protect them from the elements, improve insulation, and enhance the overall appearance of a building. Pebble dashing is a common exterior plastering technique.

  4. New Construction: Plastering is a standard part of the construction process for both residential and commercial buildings. It's applied to all walls and ceilings to create a uniform surface.

  5. Home Renovations: When renovating an older home, plastering is often needed to repair or replace damaged or deteriorated plaster surfaces. Skimming is a common technique used in these cases to create a smooth finish.

  6. Bathrooms and Kitchens: Plaster is used in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens to provide a moisture-resistant and durable surface. Specialised plasterboard or moisture-resistant plaster may be used in these areas.

  7. Coving and Cornices: Plaster is often used to create decorative coving and cornices in homes and buildings, adding an elegant finishing touch to ceilings and walls.

  8. Fireplace Surrounds: Plaster can be used to create decorative fireplace surrounds and mantels, adding both beauty and function to a room.

  9. Repairs and Patching: Plaster is frequently used for small repairs and patching up holes, cracks, or damaged areas in walls and ceilings.

  10. Extensions: When building extensions or additions to a property, plastering is needed to seamlessly blend the new construction with the existing structure.


These are just some of the common places where plastering is required in construction and renovation projects. The specific plastering needs may vary depending on the type of project and the desired finish. It's essential to hire a skilled plasterer to ensure a high-quality and professional result in any of these areas.


"Would Recommend without Hesitation"

“We asked Paul to carry out several fairly small pieces of work and he completed the whole job to our great satisfaction. An extremely tidy worker, Paul ensured that all floor surfaces would be fully protected. we are very pleased with his plastering, would definitely ask him back, and would recommend him without hesitation to others.”

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