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Re-plastering Your Home on a Budget

Are you tired of the same colours on your walls? Perhaps you’re sick of taking the time to re-paint your room only to be met with peeling patches and paint that never lasts. If you want a new look to change up your home but can’t afford the exuberant costs of renovating, plaster is your best friend.

Not only do major renovations take so much time but they can also be taxing. With re-plastering services, you don’t have to break the bank or tear down walls to give your home a makeover. In this post, we’ll be discussing how much plastering costs and how it can refresh your home.

The Cost of Plastering

The cost of getting your room or entire house plastered will depend on the amount of plastering to be done. When calculating the cost, professional plasterers will measure how many square metres of wall space will require covering. They will then take into account the number of plasterboards and other materials to be purchased and also the number of hours or days the work will take, and overall labour.

Plasterers also measure the room size. Do take note that all you have is an estimate until the plasterer comes in to have a look at the job at hand.

Below are some estimated costs based on room sizes:


  • Plaster a small room - £600 to £700 (2-3 days)

  • Plaster a medium-sized room - £650 to £900 (2-3 days)

  • Plaster a large room - £1,000 to £1,400 (3-4 days)

  • Plaster a small ceiling - £200 to £350 (1 day)

  • Plaster a medium-sized ceiling - £300 to £450 (1 ½ days)

  • Plaster a large ceiling - £400 to £700 (2-3 days)

  • Skim a small room - £400 to £500 (1 day)

  • Skim a medium-sized room - £450 to £600 (1-2 days)

  • Skim a large room - £550 to £700 (2-3 days)


Are your room’s walls still in good condition? Perhaps they just need a touch-up. Instead of a full re-plastering job, you can consider skimming as an option. Not only will this cost you less, but this will also take less time.

Skimming is one of the most common jobs for plasterers. Some DIY-savvy homeowners can probably carry out this task on their own.

You can expect to pay between £400 to £500 to skim a standard small room. For a medium-sized room, this will cost you £450 to £600, with a labour-time of around 1-2 days. A large room will be around £550 to £700 for 2-3 days’ work.

Re-plastering Walls

Do your walls need a total refresh? If they aren’t in good condition, then replastering will be the better option than hoping to cover up the bad work with a light skin. Re-plastering walls takes slighting longer than skimming.

It involves stripping the existing plaster, dry lining, skimming, and applying cosmetic finish to the plaster. Plastering walls in a small room will cost between £600 to £700. A medium room will be £650 to £900 and a large room £1,000 to £1,400, with a labour-time of around 2-4 days.

Re-plastering services may seem expensive, but the time and money one can save from getting the job done right the first time should be enough reason to leave the work to plasterers.

Re-plastering Ceilings

Perhaps you want to show off your ceilings too. Plastering the ceiling takes a lot of effort, but it can be done quickly with the right tools, equipment, and materials. It takes less time than re-plastering an entire room and can be completed between 1-3 days.

Re-plastering the ceiling for a standard room can cost anywhere from £200 to £300, a medium room from to £300 to £450, and a large room for £400 to £750.

External Rendering

Rendering your home’s outdoor walls is a drawn-out process. It is also generally much more expensive than indoor plastering. Note that the cost increases with the size of your home. Any specialist equipment needed to reach the higher levels of your property will also increase the costs further still.

Unless you have the right tools and plasterboards, this job is best left to professionals. You can expect to pay £1,900 for external rending, with labour-time of 4-6 days (if no scaffolding is required for completion). Prices start at £3,800 for a three-bed semi-detached home.

For four-bedroom detached homes, prices start at £4,500. The process will last between 7-10 days in total.

Home Makeover that Doesn’t Break the Bank

You can transform your beloved home without spending a fortune. By using decorative paint and plaster, you can give your home that million-dollar look. A little creativity goes a long way; you can find inspiration for renovating your home on the internet.

For professional re-plastering services and plastering repairs, turn to Paul Atkins Plastering. Over the years, we have been helping homeowners in renovating their homes with plaster. Book our plastering services today to get started with your next renovation project.

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